Clouded Leopard

Clouded Leopard – Borneo
Painted clay on wire

31 cm long: £750

Birdwings – New Guinea

Birdwings – New Guinea
Painted paper on wire

25 cm wide: £185

Macavity the Cat

Macavity the Cat (after T.S. Eliot)
Painted air hardening clay and wire

19 x 15 cm: £450

German Shepherd

German Shepherd
Painted clay on wire

19 cm high: £450

Chimpanzee eating termites

Chimpanzee Eating Termites
painted clay on wire

50 cm high: SOLD

Snowy Egrets

Snowy Egrets, Florida, USA
Painted air hardening clay and wire

38 x 33 cm: SOLD

Protea flower

Protea flower, South Africa, Cape Peninsular
Painted air hardening clay and wire

15 cm: £350

She Wolf and cubs

She Wolf and Cubs: Russia
Painted air hardening clay

62 x 33 cm: £1800


Caracal Middle East and Africa
Painted air hardening clay and wire

74 cm (l) x 40 cm (h): £1500

Emperor Dragonfly

Emperor Dragonfly 2 x lifesize Britain and N. Europe
Painted air hardening clay and wire

20 x 23 cm £450


Stegasaurus, N. America, Late Jurassic 155 MYA
Painted air hardening clay and wire

31 x 15 cm: £850


Eoraptor, Argentina Triassic 225 MYA
Painted air hardening clay and wire.

54 x 28 cm: £900

'Homo Erectus', Keyna

‘Homo Erectus’, Keyna, Rift Valley 1.6 MYA, Pliocene/E. Pleistocene
Painted air hardening clay and wire

36 x 28 cm: £2000

Ife Queen, Nigeria

Ife Queen, Nigeria 15th Century AD
Bronzed terracotta

31 x 25 cm: £1250

Celtic Princess sculpture

Celtic Princess of Vix, France 5th Century BC
Painted terracotta and bronzed

27 cm: £450

Sabre Tooth

Sabre-Tooth N. America 25K Late Pleistocene
Painted clay on wire

52 cm high: £1800

'2 Druidess' Ireland

‘Two Druidess’ Ireland 1st Century BC (Sacrificing their king into a sacred bog)
Painted and bronzed terracota

1. 15″ L x 12″  H x 13″ (W 38 x 30.5 x 33 cm) £2500
2  17″ L x 12″  (W 43 x 30.5 cm) £2500

Nubian Queen

Nubian Queen’ New Kingdom Egypt c 1350 BC
Painted terracota

14″ L x 15″ H (36 x 38 cm) £1250

Christopher Patrick Sherman

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